Only The Son

Only the Son chases a heart down to embrace with His repentant love. Only the Son has the power to forgive sins and set a heart free through the grasping of our hand and linking us through his stronghold of the hand of the Father, the Creator, who becomes our Father. Only the Son has become the the firstborn among the dead to make Angels shout, “He is worthy to open the scroll!” Only the Son. Only the Son obeyed the will of the Father to capture the heart of the bride. Only the Son was given this bride as a great gift from the Father. Only the Son intercedes continually on our behalf before the Father. Only the Son left this earth so a greater revelation would set upon the hearts of those who believe: the Holy Spirit. Only the Son. Only the Son aches for the love of His Bride. Only the Son looks out and sees each individual heart the Father has created to love Him and desires, even unto death to have and hold that heart. Only the Son dances before the throne in fulfillment of the completion of the plan of the Father. Only the son. Only the Son speaks a better word than what the world would say.  Only the son covers and frees through his blood that is over all who choose to believe. Only the Son has a testimony worth believing in. Only the Son of God has fire in his eyes, heat in his gaze for us to experience the burn of his heart for us! Only the Son. Only the Son is the image of the invisible God. Only the Son, through the Spirit of holiness was appointed in power by his resurrection from the dead: Jesus Christ our Lord.


~ by jessikamayerblog on January 8, 2015.

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