Christ in you, the hope of glory

blank canvasIt’s been circulating for some time now, there is a grand showcase about to be revealed and all that know about it are filled with excitement and anticipation.  Like a piece of fine art, unveiled for the first time at an exclusive, elite gallery.  All eyes are on the expensive silk fabric draped over the frame to see what it beholds.  The time has come.  The one chosen to reveal such an anticipated viewing is the artist himself.  He takes in a deep breath and it feels as though time is at a standstill.  Reaching out his hands, he firmly but delicately grabs hold of the fabric and pulls it from the frame to reveal his work.  All gasp in amazement at the sight and a loud roar of applause bursts from the spectators.  It is perfect, flawless, beautiful, unmatched.  It is a picture of you.

From the beginning of all time, God the Father chose a bride to be the perfect match for his son.  No one could even begin to fathom the delicate stroke of the brush against the canvas as God painted the perfect picture that would take place so that we could be called his Bride.  The showcase was the eternal being of God that came to earth draped in flesh for the forgiveness of sins so we might be called his own.  The great revealing was the work of the cross, blanketed in crimson blood for our great reveal, not fully understood until the resurrection of Christ.  When the stone was rolled away at the tomb, it was as if an expensive silk fabric was being lifted off of a magnificent frame to reveal the great work of Almighty God not yet understood.  Jesus, himself, lifting the fabric.  What a wonderful picture of the great reveal of all time.  As we stare at a picture that almost looks like a reflection of the one who is looking upon it, a strange thing occurs, it is as if the artist himself is being revealed.  That is the true miracle behind this amazing showcase.  Because Jesus Christ came to earth in human form was crucified for our sake, buried and rose again from the grave, we are now are not only in this picture…we are the picture! The canvas was painted with his blood as strokes of the cross poured out a love unknown to man and painted the picture of you.  He has risen!  The picture displayed is a life once lost in death but now found in life through the cross.  The heavenly hosts burst into song and dance as the great work of art is finally revealed: Christ in you: the hope of glory!


~ by jessikamayerblog on September 4, 2015.

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